Little Hatters

   it's a little girl thing . . .  

This is the 2009 age group. The LH-09's  practice Fridays from 4:00-5:30pm at the Tophat Fields. 

First practice Friday, March 16th, first game March 17th, Last game May 5th

Quick reminder, JEWELRY is not allowed in soccer (i.e. Earrings, necklace, watch, metal hair clips)  Please wait until after soccer season to pierce your ears.

The referee makes the final decision on whether they will allow it or not.  All referees are different, one week you may be able to play and the next you will not. 

CASTS - Show up prepared with your cast wrapped twice to three times in bubble wrap (Walmart, Target, packing stores) This will not guarantee she will be able to play, again the referee will make the final decision

Below is the picture day schedule

Friday, Dk.Green - 4:00, Gold - 4:10, Lt.Blue - 4:20, Lt.Green - 4:30, Orange - 4:40, Purple - 4:50, Red - 5:00, White - 5:10

Make-up for Rain: Friday,