Little Hatters

      it's a girl thing . . .  

Tophat holds a referee training class every summer before the fall season starts. To be able to attend you must be going into 5th grade.  You only need to attend one day of class.  Classes are held in the Tophat office at the fields. Please show up 5 minutes early to get checked in with your packet in hand. You must have your packet in hand to attend class.  The packet can be printed out below. 

- Click on the blue links below to print out the packet with all the Little Hatter Referee rules and policies. 

Use the email below for anything relating to Little Hatter Refereeing 

especially if you have to cancel.  There are no early sign-ups, you must wait for Stevi's email which she will send out every Tuesday.

Little Hatter Referee

5th graders first weekend to referee is Sept. 

6th graders and up first weekend to referee is Sept.